Tern ID results:

There have been just four votes on the poll as to the identification of the tern in the previous post but I have also received five emails with opinions.

The results are:

Common Tern 3 votes
Arctic Tern 2 votes
Roseate Tern 4 votes

The emails have been widely differing in opinion and reasoning:

"Definitely Roseate, no other tern has a bill like that"

"..the long thin legs and black bill with red base make this a Roseate Tern."

"100% sure that this is a Common Tern, upperparts are the right shade of grey and I have often come across Common Terns with black bills."

"Common Tern in my opinion. Cannot be anything else."

" The bird is an Arctic Tern, saw some a couple of weeks back on the Farne Islands."

I will pull the plug on the voting (earlier than intended) as it seems that we are getting no nearer to nailing this bird's true identity.

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