Waxwings ... 23rd November 2010

After an early morning visit to our local patch at Holmethorpe Sand Pits, we headed to Shawley Crescent, Epsom in Surrey where eleven WAXWINGS had been showing intermittently over the past few days.
We parked up and spent about an hour staring at the tree where the birds had been reported previously and, at 10.55 am, all eleven birds flew in, perched up, and began preening. Several other birders were present and we all got good views of the birds for ten minutes or so before they flew off and settled in a high tree behind the houses.



Paul & Graham


  1. There must be something about Epsom; there were 2 there a couple of years ago when I did a mega-twitch of about 7 miles to see them;)

    great you got them though!!

  2. Hi Tricia, although the address is in Epsom, they are only about a quarter of a mile from the Asda store at Burgh Heath.
    Hope you are well and enjoying some good birding.

  3. Great collection of photos and images